Topical Rub

Topical rub for instant chronic pain relief. Get instant pain relief from our topical body rub. See the list of ingredients below. Read my customer reviews below and see what everyone is saying about it. Everyone loves this rub because it works so well for pain relief on any area of your body.

Only $45 for a 3 ounce jar.

Topicals can be used for many different things including localized pain relief, soreness, and inflammation. They can also be used for psoriasis, dermatitis, and itching symptoms.

A question often asked:

Will I fail a drug test from using this topical rub? NO, because it does not get into your bloodstream.

Topical Rub Cannabis

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3 OUNCE JAR - $45

This topical rub works in minutes for chronic pain relief.

Those of us using this rub call it our MIRACLE Rub. We get instant pain relief. Just read the customer reviews below.

All products sold here on Puff For Life are products that Diane Gracely, the owner of Puff For Life personally uses.

Diane has been through a lot of trial and error to find only the best quality products that truly WORK and will BENEFIT everyone.

Client Product Reviews

Diane, I just used this rub on my hip/sciatica and OMG!!!! I'm amazed right now I’m texting everyone I know who could benefit. LOL My best friend is a massage therapist and has been dying to try some. I think she's definitely going to order some. I could cry right now. I haven't had relief like that at all since the accident. Other methods dulled it, but I actually have NO pain right now. Seriously it’s amazing!! - Kristina

I bought this topical rub for my mom. But my son severely hurt his ankle a few months ago. He has a very high pain tolerance but that ankle really hurts him constantly. Well he put some of the rub on his ankle and not only did the pain go away but he could bend his toes etc. so I'm a very happy, very satisfied customer! I hate to see anyone hurt especially my babies! - Laura

Diane Gracely woke up the morning after receiving her first jar of this rub with severe back pain. Her husband Keith applied this rub to her back and within minutes she had pain relief. Diane said "My pain level went from a 10 to a 3 within minutes". This is a MIRACLE rub without a doubt, I've never gotten this kind of pain relief from anything ever before including opiates! - Diane Gracely

Diane this rub is the BEST!!! I can't believe the pain relief I get minutes after applying this rub to my neck and back. Even after a neck fusion I still deal with bad pain daily. Not any more. You've got a repeat customer for sure. Thank you for telling me about this. - Robin

Diane I want to thank you so much for finding this product! Never in my 30+ years of living with chronic pain have I ever received the pain relief I am getting from this product. I have used opiates, creams, smoked marijuana, and tried so much stuff in my lifetime and NOTHING has ever given me the pain relief that I'm getting from this rub. I'm ordering another jar now because I don't want to run out of this stuff. Thank you again Diane for this amazing pain relief. - Lisa

My knees and my sciatica and random muscle pain around spine... THIS is far better for pain relief than anything (aside from THC/CBD) that I've found. Eagerly awaiting my second jar of this stuff. Thanks to Diane. - Debbie

Another of my friends tried the rub last night 4/28/2017 and this is her message to me this morning! She banged her toe and doctors thought she broke bones in her foot BUT it turns out they say bone is just bruised bad. Anyway here is her message to me - "Diane,. You won't believe this... I took a bath after you left. Applied oil to my toe, lightly wrapped with Ace bandage..within 5 minutes the pain was gone. I was pain free for two hours only so applied more at bedtime...when I woke up the swelling was down 50 percent...and I could apply pressure... omg it is a miracle" lol... - Deb

Rec'd my jar on Monday. Neuropathy in my feet and hands, FBSS so I have chronic back pain from my neck to my tail bone. This stuff is just amazing. It smells like skunk ass but a drop or two of peppermint essential oil or lavender does the trick. Thanks so much Diane. Will definitely order more. - Theresa

Diane I received my jar yesterday and I am a complete believer in this topical rub. I used it on my feet for my neuropathy. OMG Diane it was shocking!!! Within minutes I had pain relief. I've never ever had instant pain relief in my feet, this is truly an amazing product. You find the BEST products Diane! Thank you so much!! - Angel

Diane you are an angel. I got my rub two days ago. I used it on my back and my legs. I have severe muscle spasms in my legs and this stuff worked instantly!!!! I used it two days in a row and NO muscle spasms at all. And my back pain... OMG so much relief in seconds. I have wasted so much money on products that don't work. This product WORKS. Thank you Diane!!! - Janet

Thank you Diane!!!  I'm enjoying no sciatica pain right now. As I sit here and type. I'm usually horizontal at this time of day at least for an hour to take the pressure off. This rub is AMAZING!!!! I only have to use it twice a day for pain relief. I have never had a pain cream that has given me this much relief. - Debi

Thank you Diane. I'm using this rub on my bad knee. I was impressed with the pain relief I got from this rub. I will definitely buy again before I run out. - Owen