Stash Jars

Stash jars designed from exotic wood by woodturning artists Keith and Diane Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida.

We make small stash jars out of beautiful wood. Collect our jars, tell your friends about our jars.

We can personalize your jar by woodburning names, dates, or a couple of words on your jar. Just let us know when ordering if you want something woodburned onto your jar?

Our jars are one of a kind, you will never see two the same. The lids of our jars are lock tight to keep the odor inside.

stash jars
Small Stash Jars $15

wood stash jars
Medium Stash Jars $25

Our jars range in size from approximately 3 to 5 inches high by 2 to 5 inches wide.

Choose a small or medium sized stash jar when ordering below.

Order a stash jar below and we will design a stash jar you are sure to love.

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Personalized Words or Name?

We try to keep stash jars in stock so we can ship immediately after you order. But depending on how fast our jars are selling, we may have to make one for you when you order. It takes us a day or two to make one and then we ship as soon as possible.

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Our customers love our wood art because each product is a one of a kind and made of high quality.

Exotic wood is expensive and designing each of our products is time consuming. Everything we make is made on a wood lathe.

We LOVE woodturning on a lathe and designing our products from beautiful wood.

We purchase our wood online from vendors so we have to pay for the wood and shipping. We try to keep the cost of our products AFFORDABLE for everyone.

stash jar
Medium Stash Jars $25

Medium Stash Jar $25
Small Stash Jar $15