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Sponsor us, Puff For Life receives hundreds of visitors daily to our website.

"Puff For Life is on a MISSION to raise money" through sponsors and donations.

This money goes into a FUND to help low income patients financially. Many patients are on a limited income (Social Security Disability) and cannot afford their full recommended 45 day supply of medical marijuana medicine.

Money raised also helps pay for Diane's business and travel expenses to cannabis events in Florida.

By sponsoring or donating, YOU are helping us help low income patients financially to have a better quality of life from the benefits of medical marijuana.

"Florida businesses and organizations" are encouraged to Sponsor and/or Donate to Puff For Life.

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We will also advertise and promote your business on our Facebook business pages and our Facebook groups. We are big on social media and do a lot of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We are members of a lot of medical marijuana related groups on Facebook where we do weekly advertising. We also occasionally run paid ads on Facebook.

Sponsor us by choosing a monthly, quarterly or yearly sponsor package. Save money by purchasing a quarterly or yearly sponsor package.

Monthly - $100

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Yearly - $800 (get 4 months free)

After paying for your sponsor package we will need an image size of 250 x 250 pixels for your business and the link to your website that you want it to go to when visitors click on your image.

If you have any questions Contact Diane Gracely at (352) 470-7352 or by email at dianemariegracely@gmail.com

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