Mission Statement

Mission statement from Diane Gracely, owner of Puff For Life.

Puff For Life started as a Florida medical marijuana doctor referral service and has evolved into a Florida business helping Florida residents by educating them about cannabis. Selling helpful legal products. And supporting our Florida community.

Our mission is to be the leading Florida medical marijuana patient consultant business all across Florida. We believe in the healing powers of cannabis. We put patients first by providing help, support, and education about cannabis.

A huge part of our mission is to raise FUNDS to help low income patients financially to become a patient through an affordable group of doctors and to be able to afford to get their medicine.

We are trying to raise funds through business sponsors and donations. And our 420 Thrift Store Florida Group.

Most of Puff For Life's clients are on limited income (SSD or SSI). Many of our clients cannot afford the cost of medical marijuana currently at the high prices charged by the dispensaries. Our clients NEED your help.

Puff For Life is partnered with a non-profit organization.

Crohn's Charity Service Foundation by Yvette Stafford.

Puff For Life has also partnered with the Crohn's Charity Service Foundation to host events for patients - medical marijuana educational workshops.


Diane Gracely owner of Puff For Life
Yvette of Crohn's Charity Service Foundation