Medical Marijuana Card Application for Florida

Medical marijuana card application for Florida medical marijuana patients.

All patients who have a patient ID number must have their medical marijuana card by April 6, 2017 to use to get your medicine from dispensaries. As of April 6th you will no longer be able to get your medicine by just giving them your patient ID number you will need a medical marijuana card.

AFTER you have received your patient ID number from Doc MJ you will NEED to download and print the application below. Then fill it out and mail it in along with the $75 fee to the Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use (DOH) to receive your medical marijuana card.

Your medical marijuana card enables you to go to a dispensary to pick up your recommendation (medicine) or have it delivered to your home.

The $75 application fee to get your medical marijuana card is a fee charged by and paid to the Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use.

This application fee is NOT included in your annual fee paid to Doc MJ to become a legal patient. Doc MJ yearly fee covers your doctor costs and your patient registry into the database and your recommendation for medicine.

Click Here to download and print the application.

Then follow the instructions provided with the application.


***Currently it is taking 4 WEEKS to receive your card.***


***ATTENTION EVERYONE. Don't go through the hassles I did with your card application. MAKE SURE you get a PASSPORT PHOTO made and send or upload it to the DOH along with your application. They will NOT accept any other photo. I just went through a bunch of BS until they finally accepted my photo. I had to go to CVS and pay $15 for a passport photo.***


Please take a few minutes to message the DOH, your representatives or attend a meeting to have your voice heard. These fees will continue to pile up if we do not speak up. The government is NOT on our side, they will do everything they can to keep this life saving medicine out of reach. For us, it's about freedom, for them, it's about control.

Here is a copy of the RULES implemented by the DOH.

Click Here and the rules will download and you can read them.