Medical Marijuana Card Application for Florida

Medical marijuana card application for Florida medical marijuana patients.

All new patients will get a patient ID number from Doc MJ at your first doctor's appointment. Once you have your patient ID number THEN you will NEED to apply for your CARD.

Click Here to download and print the application.

Or go to the state's website and fill out the application online CLICK HERE.

The state's website for your medical cannabis card application is -

And their EMAIL ADDRESS is -

Questions? Contact the Office of Medical Marijuana Use at: (850) 245-4657 But be prepared to be on hold for a long time before someone answers your call.

They do NOT allow you to pay the $75 fee online. You MUST mail a check or money order to the state. Please put your patient ID number that you get from Doc MJ on your check or money order.



As you all know it is taking the DOH OCU 6 weeks at least to get our cards to us. The REASON this is happening is because so many of you are having your passport photos DENIED. And more than ONCE, this is what is slowing the process down tremendously... so how can WE FIX this??? By making SURE you have the PERFECT PHOTO that they are requiring.
1 - Make sure it is a PURE WHITE background in the photo. There can be NO discoloration, no off white, no blue, etc...
3 - Do NOT wear eyeglasses
4 - Your photo must be uploaded at the proper size they request. 2 inches by 2 inches or 192 pixels by 192 pixels.
BELOW is the 4th photo of mine that they FINALLY approved.

***Currently it is taking 4 to 8 WEEKS to receive your card in the mail.*** (Sorry the state is SLOW)

You should receive an email with your temporary card info prior to them mailing your new card. You CAN print it out and go to a dispensary to get your medicine.

Here's my 4th photo that they FINALLY accepted when I applied a few months ago.

medical marijuana card application


Florida medical marijuana card

Once you have your medical marijuana card it entitles you to go to any Florida dispensary to pick up your recommendation (medicine) or have it delivered to your home.

You DO NOT have to buy all of your medicine at once at the dispensary. It can be very costly to buy 70 days worth of medicine all at the same time. You can buy it as you need it.

Florida State Law

"Your medical marijuana card must be renewed yearly at the cost of $75."

"You must see Doc MJ doctor every 7 months and pay the $154 fee. OR continue to pay the $30 per month if you chose the payment plan."

The card application fee is NOT included in your $154 fee paid to Doc MJ to become a legal patient. Doc MJ fee covers your doctor visit and your recommendation for medicine every 70 days sent to the dispensaries computer systems.