Helping Children Become Medical Marijuana Patients in Florida

Parents please contact Moriah Barnhart. Moriah is the founder of Florida's CannaMom's. She helps parents with ill children needing cannabis medicine. Connect with her on Facebook here - Moriah on Facebook

Call Moriah Barnhart at (813) 580-1378 to speak with her and she will help you with information and the process.

cannabis help and info for children
Moriah Barnhart and her Daughter Dahlia

You will need two doctors to recommend cannabis medicine for children. Here is the information for the doctors. BUT please contact Moriah first.

Dr Rodriguez of Doc MJ - 888-908-0143

Dr Rosado for second doctor recommendation - 407-859-8797

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About the CannaMom's and what we do.

CannaMoms fight diligently for common sense legislation, for rights and options for every parent in the care of their own children, and to provide other parents and their babies with hope, help, resources, and community. CannaMoms have spent tireless hours informing the public of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while advocating for more compassionate, more effective, and less harmful options for the treatment of children with critical illnesses. Their personal hardships and experiences in the care of their own children lend them the knowledge required to help other parents of critically ill children, and much of their time and effort is spent working directly with other families nationwide and worldwide.

Moriah helps parents help their children to become a medical marijuana patient in Florida through Doc MJ to get the cannabis medicine they will need.

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helping children become medical marijuana patients in Florida
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