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Medical Cannabis Patient Consultant and Advocate Diane Gracely, the owner of Puff For Life is on a MISSION to financially help low income patients to get their medicine. (Read one of Diane's clients story below)

Puff For Life is NOT a non-profit organization YET. BUT Diane has partnered with a non-profit organization, the "Crohn's Charity Service Foundation" with Yvette Staford.

Most of Diane's clients are on limited income (Social Security Disability) and many struggle to pay their bills and don't have the money to pay for their cannabis medicine. Diane is trying to raise money to help her clients financially to get the medicine they desperately need.

Diane wants to help her clients. YOU can help patients get medicine by donating. Every dollar adds up. Please help Diane help others in need by donating.

Money raised also helps pay for Diane's business and travel expenses to cannabis events in Florida.

Meet Dennis, Dennis is one of Diane's clients.

help patients get medicine
Dennis - Vietnam Veteran

Dennis is 64 years old. He is a Vietnam Veteran diagnosed with 23 different health problems by the VA.

Dennis is one of many Florida residents going through a rough time financially. He was a homeless vet for a year. He now has a place to call home but struggles financially to make ends meet.

Diane spoke to him on Memorial Day 2017 in the early A.M. and found out he had no food in the house and no food for his two dogs.

Diane and her husband Keith went to the grocery store and got him some groceries and dog food and took it to him.

Dennis wants to become a medical marijuana patient. He wants a better quality of life as do many others who can benefit from cannabis medicine.

We need to raise funds to help pay for the cost of Doc MJ so Dennis can become a legal patient. We also need to raise money to help pay for Dennis' medicine until he gets back on his feet. Hopefully the cost of cannabis medicine will drop as the industry grows here in Florida.

Help Diane raise money to help Dennis and other patients like him.