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Florida medical marijuana doctors. Why pay outrageous upfront out of pocket fees to other certified medical marijuana doctors when you can see a doctor at Doc MJ and pay $179.99 annually to become a legal Florida medical marijuana patient?

Use this code - NORMLFL when you sign up with Doc MJ to become a legal patient and you will save $20 off the yearly fee of $199.99. Your cost with the code is - $179.99 annual.

Your other payment plan option is $75 every 3 months.

Doc MJ offers the most affordable plan to become a medical marijuana patient in Florida through their certified medical marijuana doctors. Get your Florida Patient ID Number and medical marijuana recommendation (prescription) through Doc MJ.

Keep reading to see what other certified doctors are charging and you will understand WHY Doc MJ is the most affordable doctors to see to become a legal patient.

You will also NEED to pay a FEE of $75 to the Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use for your medical marijuana card AFTER you get your patient ID number through Doc MJ. Go to this page to download and print the application. CLICK HERE This FEE is NOT included in your annual fee to Doc MJ.

affordable Florida medical marijuana certified doctors
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Tell Doc MJ that "Diane Gracely" of Puff For Life referred you to them.

You may qualify for an Amendment 2 Medical Recommendation in Florida! Take Doc MJ's eligibility survey to find out if you have a qualifying condition: docmj.com

Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Consultant Diane Gracely recommends Doc MJ. Diane has been a Florida Medical Marijuana Advocate for more than 5 years. Diane is a patient of Doc MJ, and is very satisfied with their services and affordable cost.

Diane chose Doc MJ because after much research online she discovered Doc MJ. The most affordable way to register with the state of Florida as a medical marijuana patient.

Many certified doctors are charging between $300 - $900 for the first visit and at least $150 + per visit after the first initial visit. Like many patients, Diane is on a limited income (Social Security Disability). Diane could not afford the out of pocket costs the other certified doctors are charging. NO your insurance company does NOT cover these costs. Everything related to medical marijuana costs you out of pocket.

Your cost with Doc MJ is $179.99 annually if you use this code - NORMLFL when you sign up.

OR Choose this PLAN - Your other payment plan option is $75 every 3 months. 

Doc MJ fees cover your doctor visits and recommendations for medical marijuana year round. Become established as a medical marijuana patient. Get your patient ID number for your CARD, and your medical marijuana recommendation. There are no other out of pocket costs except for your medicine. No matter what doctor you see, you will still have to pay out of pocket for your medicine.

According to Florida law you will need to be an established patient, of a certified medical marijuana doctor for at least 90 days. Then they can recommend medical marijuana as medicine for you.

Diane said, "I would much rather pay $179.99 a year, than have to come up with $300 - $900 for my first doctor visit. And then $150 or more for every visit thereafter.

Just like when you are seeing a pain management doctor. You will need to see your certified medical marijuana doctor several times a year for your medicine refills. So which would YOU rather pay? $1,000+ a year or $179 per year?

Click on the image below and get started with Doc MJ today. First you will take a survey to make sure you qualify with your current medical conditions. Then Doc MJ will contact you to get you started. The steps you will do with Doc MJ are below.

Florida certified medical marijuana doctors
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  • This online Telemedicine eVisit assessment will establish your relationship with your Doc MJ physician and assess your medical marijuana needs.
  • 100% Risk Free, Money Back Guaranteed Assessment
  • You will meet face to face with your Doc MJ physician for in person evaluation.
  • You will receive your full medical marijuana recommendation.

Diane does not receive any compensation for referring patients to Doc MJ. Diane is referring patients because she has a passion of helping others.

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A little more about Doc MJ.

All-Inclusive Pricing

We strive to be Florida’s most affordable medical marijuana option. Patient access to medical cannabis is our #1 priority. Our physicians work tirelessly to maintain a streamlined practice that keeps costs low for patients. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Staffed by board-certified physicians
  • Our physicians have completed the required Florida Cannabis Course and currently see patients for both Compassionate Use Act & Amendment 2.

Click on the link below for a list of doctors who have become certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients. BUT know that you must pay out of pocket to see these doctors. Insurance does NOT cover medical marijuana recommendations. Doc MJ is the ONLY group of doctors that I know of who accept an affordable annual payment of $179.99 per year which covers all doctor visits and your medical marijuana recommendations. Or choose the 3 month plan - Your other payment plan option is $75 every 3 months.

This is WHY I chose Doc MJ, they are the most affordable OPTION. http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/office-of-compassionate-use/_documents/completed-cme.pdf

Affordable Florida medical marijuana doctors.

Dr Michael Bruno - Doc MJ
Dr Michael Bruno - Doc MJ
Dr Daniel Rodriguez - Doc MJ
Dr Daniel Rodriguez - Doc MJ

Doc MJ is the most affordable Florida medical marijuana certified doctors. Choose Doc MJ to become a legal Florida medical marijuana patient.