Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Florida medical marijuana doctors. Diane Gracely, founder of Puff For Life is helping, supporting, and educating clients in Florida to get their medical cannabis card through an affordable group of doctors who have offices throughout the state. (See the Steps Below)

Health insurance does NOT cover anything to do with medical cannabis. Everything will cost you out of pocket. After Diane became a patient herself she decided to start her business Puff For Life to help others and SAVE them MONEY.

YOUR Total OUT OF POCKET COSTS to become a Legal Patient–

$149 to Doc MJ every 7 months (Use Diane's code NORMLFL to SAVE $20 off Doc MJ's fee of $169 every 7 months) when Doc MJ asks you for your payment tell them Diane Gracely of Puff For Life referred YOU and you have a savings code. Then give them the code NORMLFL

Or choose Doc MJ's $30 per month payment plan.

BUT you cannot use the savings code for the payment plan.

Here is how the Payment Plan works -

YES there is a NEW PAYMENT PLAN for Doc MJ fees!!!! $30 per month. Here is how it WORKS for NOW UNTIL they get their website updated.

READ over this page, then click to get started with Doc MJ. Fill out the CHECK ELIGIBILITY form.

Someone from Doc MJ will contact YOU to make an appointment to see the doctor if you can't set it up online.

YOU then need to CALL Doc MJ's "Billing Department" and get set up on the $30 per month payment plan. You will need to give them your credit/debit card information and they will bill you monthly for the $30. Doc MJ's # 888-908-0143

$75 to the state Department of Health for your card annually.

The cost of your medication VARIES between each patient. Every patient is different so Diane cannot give you an exact cost of your medical cannabis medicine. You can get an idea of costs by going to Trulieve’s Dispensary and clicking on VIEW DETAILS for each product to see the prices. CLICK HERE

Florida LAW says you MUST see a certified cannabis doctor every 7 months for renewal of your medicine recommendation.

Doc MJ fee is $169 every 7 months. BUT Diane can SAVE YOU $20, making your payment $149 every 7 months by using her code - NORMLFL.

Other Florida medical marijuana doctors are charging outrageous fees ($250 - $400) and many are making patients see them MONTHLY and CHARGING them a MONTHLY fee ($100 - $250). These doctors are NOT telling patients this information UPFRONT.

Diane refers everyone to Doc MJ. Doc MJ has offices throughout the state. So, no matter where you live in Florida you will be able to CHOOSE an office close by you to see the doctor.

Follow these STEPS to get your medical marijuana card and medicine recommendation.

1 – Click Here and fill out the “Check Eligibility” form on Doc MJ’s website.

2 – Doc MJ will then contact you to set up an appointment to see one of the Florida medical marijuana doctors. They will let you know where the closest office is to you.

3 – At your appointment you will sign a medical records release form. You will be given a Patient ID Number for the state registry to get your card.

4 – You will receive an email with the website link for the Department of Health to go online and fill out the application for your medical marijuana card.

5 – You will need to go get a Passport Photo taken for your card. (Get photo taken at CVS, Walgreens, or Sam's Club) You can upload the photo to the website or mail it to the state along with their fee of $75 paid by check or money order. Be sure to put your Patient ID number on your check or money order.

The state is very STRICT about your photo. It MUST have a WHITE background, don’t wear your eyeglasses for the photo, and please DO NOT SMILE. If you do NOT follow these rules, they will DENY your application and it will take LONGER to get your application approved and receive your CARD.

6 - Currently it takes the state 4 to 8 weeks to approve your application and mail your card.

The state does EMAIL you a temporary card after approval and you CAN print it and go to any dispensary to get your medicine the doctor recommended for you. Your recommendation for medicine WILL BE in the computer system at any dispensary you choose to go too. The staff at the dispensaries CAN help you decide WHAT delivery methods and medicine to choose.

Here is the information for the Florida Office of Compassionate Use. You can fill out your card application on their website here -



Read on for more information about Florida medical marijuana doctors DOC MJ.

All-Inclusive Pricing

We strive to be Florida’s most affordable medical marijuana option. Patient access to medical cannabis is our #1 priority. Our physicians work tirelessly to maintain a streamlined practice that keeps costs low for patients. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Staffed by board-certified physicians
  • Our physicians have completed the required Florida Cannabis Course and currently see patients for both Compassionate Use Act & Amendment 2.

**Diane does not receive any compensation for referring patients to Doc MJ.** Diane is referring patients because she has a passion of helping others to SAVE MONEY.

Here is a list of more certified Florida medical marijuana doctors.

BUT please KNOW that these doctors charge a much HIGHER FEE than DOC MJ.



Florida medical marijuana doctors
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Dr Michael Bruno - Doc MJ
Dr Michael Bruno - Doc MJ
Dr Daniel Rodriguez - Doc MJ
Dr Daniel Rodriguez - Doc MJ
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Doc MJ is the most affordable Florida medical marijuana certified doctors. Choose Doc MJ to become a legal Florida medical marijuana patient.

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