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Florida Cannabis Magazine
Florida Cannabis Magazine

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Diane Gracely, owner of Puff For Life was interviewed for the May/June 2017 issue of Indo Wellness Magazine. Read the story on page 23 of the magazine. Here is the link to the DIGITAL COPY to read - Click Here.

What is Indo Wellness Magazine?

Indo Wellness is a magazine that aims to educate and inform Floridians about the confusing, mysterious, and downright contradictory laws surrounding medical marijuana in our state. Our magazine is printed bimonthly featuring the latest research on diseases, updates on the political spectrum, and interviews of movers and shakers in the industry.
Indo (or endo in some dictionaries) means "something internal" or "within." When coming up with the magazine's title we wanted to focus on full body wellness from the inside out. Starting within, we aim to change the way people feel about medical cannabis by educating them about its truth while debunking its many falsehoods.

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