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Medical Cannabis Patient Consultant and Advocate Diane Gracely, the owner of Puff For Life is on a MISSION to RAISE MONEY.

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  • Help Diane pay for travel expenses to Tallahassee to fight for our rights to use medical cannabis and change LAWS. Allow Smoking cannabis, Home Grow, and more.
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Meet Dennis, Dennis is one of Diane's Puff For Life clients.

help patients get medicine
Dennis - Vietnam Veteran

Dennis is 64 years old. He is a Vietnam Veteran diagnosed with 23 different health problems by the VA.

Dennis is one of many Florida residents going through a rough time financially. He was a homeless vet for a year. He now has a place to call home but struggles financially to make ends meet.

Diane spoke to him on Memorial Day 2017 in the early A.M. and found out he had no food in the house and no food for his two dogs.

Diane went to the grocery store and picked up some groceries and dog food for Dennis out of her own pocket. (Diane is also on Limited Income but helps people whenever she can)

Dennis wanted to become a medical marijuana patient and get off of opiates. He wants a better quality of life as do many others who can benefit from cannabis medicine.

We raised funds to help pay for the cost of Dennis to become a patient through Doc MJ. ($154) and get his medical card ($75).

Diane also helped Dennis to pay for his cannabis medicine until he got back on his feet.

It's stories like this that put Diane on her MISSION to HELP Floridians SAVE MONEY and get their medical marijuana card.