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Diane was hit by drunk driver April 13, 2015
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Diane Gracely's Story

"If I Cannabis, Anybody Cannabis!" - Diane Gracely

Diane Gracely was born with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. She has type CMT3. CMT is a neuromuscular disease that deforms the feet and hands and causes painful peripheral neuropathy, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, severe muscle loss due to brain communication with the nerves, chronic muscle spasms, and much more.

CMT deformed Diane's feet so bad that by the time she turned 32 she was in a wheelchair. The pain to walk was overwhelming. Diane found an orthopedic surgeon in Hershey, PA that was very familiar with CMT. He told Diane he could totally reconstruct her feet and get her walking again with much less pain. Diane opted for the surgeries, it was a 3 year process (1997 - 2000) with 2 surgeries on each foot and recovery time.

In 2003, Diane had gastric bypass surgery. Because of being laid up for 3 years having her feet reconstructed she put on a lot of weight. Her highest weight was 339 lbs. Diane now weighs 157 lbs.

Diane also has another RARE health problem - Fibrous Dysplasia of the temporal bone that has affected the whole left side of her skull. (Thickening of the temporal bone/growth on the temporal bone) This is causing compression of her optic nerve in her left eye, narrowing of the optic canal, bulging of her left eye, headaches, vision loss, and fluid retention. She wakes up every morning with very swollen eyes, and even her nose swells. See photo to the left. Diane is still going through many tests and waiting for doctors to decide if they can do surgery to help her.

In April 2015, Diane was hit head on by a drunk driver. The accident caused many more injuries and health issues for Diane.

5 months prior to the accident Diane had a neck fusion for a herniated disc. After the accident Diane had many more herniated discs and needed another fusion, this time 4 levels. Diane had the neck fusion surgery November 9th, 2016.

Diane also has many herniated and bulging discs in her back from the accident. Doctors are currently doing MRI's on her lumbar and thoracic to see how many discs are affected and if she needs surgery now or if it can wait.

Diane began advocating for medical marijuana in Florida in 2012. Knowing that medical marijuana could possibly benefit her and get her off of dangerous opiates and pharmaceuticals.

Diane has researched and learned a lot about medical marijuana, hundreds of strains, and so much more in the past 5 years.

Diane has been prescribed opiates for more than 20 years. Diane became a legal medical marijuana patient in January 2017. Diane is now on a journey to wean off of opiates so she can completely remove opiates from her life and use ONLY medical marijuana. She wants a better quality of life without opiates.

Because of everything Diane has been through in her life she wants to HELP OTHERS. She started Puff For Life after becoming a legal patient to share her story AND help others by educating them and referring them to the most affordable certified medical marijuana doctors in the state of Florida.

Diane is VERY PASSIONATE about being a "Patient Consultant". She has helped HUNDREDS of Florida residents to get their medical marijuana card and recommendation for medicine by referring them to Doc MJ since January 2017.


Diane's Commitment to YOU


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