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Client reviews for Puff For Life and owner Diane Gracely, a "patient consultant" who helps, educates, and supports Florida residents who want to become medical marijuana patients. Diane refers her clients to an affordable certified group of doctors (Doc MJ) to get their medical marijuana card and cannabis medicine recommendations.

Client Reviews

Thanks for putting together your website.  Very informative - I found it the “go to” place on the web for questions, and most importantly, straight answers! - Greg

Diane you are an amazing lady. Diane helped me change doctors because I was being ripped off by a cannabis doctor in south Florida. She even helped me get a refund from my other doctor who was charging me insane fees. Diane has been a fantastic support for me. She has educated me about medical cannabis, she helped me find the right strains of cannabis that work for me and my illnesses and so much more. Diane CARES about people and loves what she does to HELP PEOPLE. There is no on else in the state of Florida that will help you like Diane does! Thank you for all you do for all of us Diane. - Tina

Thank you Diane for your private Facebook group. I was so excited when one of my friends told me about you and how you had helped her. I'm sorry I called you so late at night the evening I was told about you but I was so excited and really wanted to talk to you. When I found out you lived in the same area as me and that I could meet you in person I was even more excited. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my mom. I could go on and on here but I don't want to write a book. LOL Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for the ongoing support and help!!! - Dee

Thank you so much for all the information that you have provided and the help that you have done and not only helped me but also my grandmother I gave her CBD oil in the syringe and she says it works a lot better than the hydro she has to take on a daily basis. So thank you for all your hard work and keep it up. - Anthony

I heard about Diane and Puff For Life from a friend. I had been searching for a MMJ Dr for over a year with no luck. I had no idea how easy and affordable it could be to become a medical marijuana patient. Diane is not just an advocate, she becomes a friend to all. - Marla

If you need any information,than Diane is definitely the person to go to. Even if she doesn't know something she will go and find an answer, very educated and very nice lady.. So to reiterate if you have any questions she is your go to girl.... - Lynda

Simply awesome. Diane is so helpful, pleasant, caring and a great resource. - Bob

It is great to know that we have someone out there who is truly concerned with people and willing to share her knowledge. Thank you Diane Gracely for all you do! - Donna

So grateful to Diane Gracely for the wonderful service she is providing. - Erika

I struggle to find the help I need sometimes. Diane assisted me immediately. She's walking me through the Florida processing and has been professional and courteous! As a customer, these qualities make me feel human and not just a number. Thank you. - Leanne

If you could put a price on information sharing, Diane Gracely would be a millionaire! Yet she does what she does out of true caring and compassion for her fellow (wo)man. - Jenny

The services offered by Diane Gracely through her Puff for Life brand have helped me tremendously. After years of chronic pain and taking opiates that left me lethargic and unable to work, I was done. I'd had enough and I wanted to research my options. I'd heard about medical marijuana, of course; but I had no idea how to go about even thinking about getting more information.
That's where Puff for Life came in and Diane guided me through the relatively easy steps of getting set up with a great organization in DocMJ.
Within weeks, I had set up my appointment, started my 90 day waiting period and had my patient identifier so I could submit my fee for a Compassionate Use (CU) card.
Through every step, every question (even the dumb ones), Diane has been warm, friendly, personable and professional. I cannot say enough positive things about how Diane has changed my life with Puff for Life. - Deidre

If it weren't for Jenny Lucas , I would have never known about Puff For Life. So I would like to thank you Jenny from my heart for introducing me to Diane Gracely and Puff For Life. You started the ball rolling for me and I met Diane!! Diane was diligent about helping me as she is with helping EVERYONE because she cares about all of us no matter how bad she is feeling. She's ALWAYS been there to help us. I call Diane our Angel.
With everything that's going on with her, she has the kindness in her heart to be selfless and help all of us.
She guided me, gave me an abundance of information, told me to call her anytime with any questions, so I was able to get in to see my doctor and was approved!! So Jenny Lucas I would like to thank you SO VERY MUCH. Without you, I would have never known Diane Gracely who is an absolutely incredible, kind, caring lady who works very hard to help everyone including myself. And we all are so blessed and fortunate to have her help us with our questions and guide us to our doctors so we can get our cards and get off opiates and the help we all need.
Diane Gracely and I have spoken and I told her I wanted to help. This was a lot for just one woman to handle especially with the issues she's dealing with.
I was absolutely delighted that she wanted me to come on board! And I really really look forward to working with Diane and learning everything that I can so I can help anyone that needs it. I understand because I have my own medical issues that I deal with.
Diane, thank you for all of your help, generosity, kindness and truly caring about ALL OF US. YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE LADY.
AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE WELCOMING ME!!! I look forward to helping you and answering your questions!!! BIG HUGS!!!! - Cathy Casado

Diane, Thank you, you are an angel, thank you so much for what you do. I can't tell you how much this has helped me. - Kelly

Diane, you are such an inspiration for all of us. Your dedication to advocating and helping us become Florida medical marijuana patients through an AFFORDABLE group of doctors doesn't go unnoticed. I'm so proud of you. You deserve all of the attention you are getting through the MEDIA. Interviews on WESH 2 News, cannabis magazines, and the Doc MJ radio commercial you were just interviewed for. Thank you for helping me and my son, you are a true blessing. We love you so much. - Angel

Watch my son's First Ever Video. My 14 year old son is battling cancer and Puff For Life has helped us. - Angel

Diane Gracely you are a wonderful, loving, special women. Thank you for everything you have done for me. May God bless you!! - Tracie

medical cannabis
Thank You Tracie

Diane keep up everything you are doing. I am truly proud of you for being a major voice for us all!!! - Randi

What an amazing woman you are Diane Gracely. Thank you so much for all you do. It's noticed believe me. You are making a difference. - Theresa H.

Thank you for helping me Diane, and thank you for all you are doing to help everyone. I appreciate you talking with me and answering all of my questions every time I call you. - Dan

Diane Gracely is dedicated to helping people, she helped me, she can help you! She is a Rock Star. - Don

Diane I'm so proud of you. You are really working your booty off at this! Keep up the good work! - Melanie

Diane, thank you for being our advocate! You're doing a great job. - Don

Diane you give me inspiration. Ever since I found you on Facebook I can't thank you enough for giving me and lots of people hope. I haven't met you in person but I feel like you're a true friend. Thanks for talking to me and helping me. - Jenny

Keep on fighting for us patients Diane. We want to grow our own plants so we can make edibles. Who can afford to buy an ounce of medical marijuana to make a batch of brownies or cookies? I know I can't. You're doing amazing work Diane! Thank you - Missy

Just chatted with Diane on the phone. What a great lady!! Thanks for your help Diane Gracely. I appreciate you. - Theresa

Diane that is really cool of you to help others. I am low income due to disabilities. I need CBD Vape Oil sometimes, so I would rather buy it from you so it goes to help others and your cause! Thanks for all you do - Michael

I just ordered the CBD Vape Oil... hope it helps. Thanks Diane for having this site to help us. - Barbara

I am so glad that the people have such a great advocate for their rights. Diane you will help and touch so many lives during your fight for a better system. Florida patients need you. Thank you for all you do Diane. - Owen

Thank you for your help Diane. I appreciate what you're doing to help, educate, and advise patient's. Keep up the great work. - Dale

Thank you Diane, I wish I could help you out, you are too good to the community. I'll get with you later. Hugs - Angela 

Thank you Diane for helping me find an affordable doctor to get started with medical marijuana. - David

Diane you're awesome! Thank you for helping me. - Mandy

Diane, thank you for your help. I will receive my ID Number from the state in less than 60 days. It's been an interesting and educational journey. - Robin

Diane everyone loves what you are doing to help Florida patients.
This is clever work you are doing! Keep up the great work Diane. I’ve
incorporated you into my personal blog. - Mitchell 

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client reviews
Diane Gracely

Client Reviews Continued...

For anyone new here who doesn't know Diane Gracely please remember she is doing this out of her unselfishness to help people because she knows how bad it is when the medical field has no answers to problems and just wants to push poison on us. I was on opioids and fentynal for over 7 years it stopped working last spring and didn't want to increase but came off all pain meds in May 2016 but not after severe damage to eye and teeth. And after all that having mid hi-thigh amputation.

But Diane fights to get us medical marijuana to help our issues and try to save our bodies from the effects of prescription drugs.

Please understand she does this out of her own time and money and she is a fierce advocate and tries to go to as many meetings as possible. There is a donation fund to help with her gasoline expenses but she still doesn't take anything even if she's get calls all hours day and night.

So if you can please give whatever you are comfortable with and if you can't which is understandable especially since most of us are on SSDI which only goes so far.

At least those who can't give please be appreciative and at least say Thank you to Diane for her unselfishness work she is doing. Thank you - Lisa

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