Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds for growing and making your own medicine.

We sell a diverse range of medically beneficial seeds on Here is a short overview regarding these strains.

Recent research into the positive medicinal benefits of cannabis has led to overwhelming demand for strains that contain holistic medical properties. Scientific discovery has suggested that over 50 various ailments can be arrested, abetted and even cured with the right cannabis treatment. has a comprehensive library of seeds that are considered medically beneficial, including collections from breeders CBD Crew, Medical Seeds, Barney’s Farm and Dutch Passion.


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If YOU want a good energizing strain, I suggest Exotic Thai seeds. This strain is a sativa strain that is great for daytime use due to its very uplifting effect. It's like doing a shot of expresso first thing in the morning. To order Exotic Thai seeds click on image above then do a search for "EXOTIC THAI".

NO it's not legal in Florida YET to grow your own, but we are pushing for it.

As a medical marijuana patient, we believe we should be allowed to grow and make our own medicine and edibles here in Florida.

As a cannabis advocate we won't stop fighting for HOME GROW for the patients.

As medical marijuana patients we want to grow our own indoors. We can then make cannabutter or oils to cook and bake with. This makes it easy to make our own edibles. See our Cannabis Recipes here.

Get advice about growing indoors by clicking here.