Marijuana Recipes

Marijuana recipes, learn how to make oils, edibles, and so much more.

Recipe for the easiest oil to make for using to make any edibles that require vegetable oil.

Make your own brownies, cakes, cookies and so much more with this oil recipe.

marijuana recipes

What you will need - medical marijuana and any vegetable oil and a crockpot.

Turn your crockpot on low.

Add your medical marijuana and vegetable oil.

Add one ounce of vegetable oil per gram of medical marijuana.

For example if you are going to use an ounce of medical marijuana (28 grams) you would want to add 28 ounces of vegetable oil.

This recipe takes 3 days to make. (72 hours)

Cook in the crockpot on LOW setting. You don't want to burn it. Make sure to stir it often.

Day One - 12 hours on, 12 hours off,

Day Two - 12 hours on, 12 hours off,

Day Three - 12 hours, on 12 hours off.

And now your medical marijuana oil is ready for baking anything your heart desires that calls for vegetable oil in the recipe.

I love to make peanutbutter cookies and brownies.

medical marijuana recipes

Here's a TIP for your peanutbutter cookies.

After your cookies come out of the oven, brush some of your oil on the top of the cookies while they are cooling.

You could also do the same with brownies or anything else you are baking with your oil.