Cannabis For Pain

When it comes to pain relief from Cannabis often ‘’less is more’’ simply because taking too much can flatten you out and wreck your day, at least in terms of functionality.

Cannabis is remarkably non-toxic and the more you use the better the level of pain relief you will get from it but taking too much too fast is never a good idea even if you are in desperate pain.

There is no doubt that the better your tolerance levels the better received Cannabis will be in the body and mind. It takes time to build a bit of a tolerance and that’s why we always recommend you start slowly.

In the beginning it may be a case of you getting too high and not getting much relief but as your tolerance and intake increases you will start to see just how well it smoothes over the pain without the adverse effects on functionality.

Remember the whole idea is to find the balance between pain relief and functionality.

So how do we increase our tolerance?

There are many ways to do it but we think that vaping throughout the day, is the most efficient and safest way. Micro-dosing is best to start with, just a few puffs periodically throughout the day.

The benefit of cannabis vape oil is that there is usually a degree of control and a few puffs are very unlikely to get you very high. It also has a much faster onset than other methods of ingestion so laddering up your dosage is quite easy. Simply wait an hour or so after taking 3 or 4 puffs to see if you may need a few more.

Bear in mind that as you start adding more it will have a stacking effect to some extent so it will get increasingly stronger throughout the day which tends to be what you want as you approach bed time which is when the majority of people struggle the most.

After a couple of weeks of regular micro-dosing (3 or 4 puffs) periodically throughout the day your tolerance will increase significantly and any buzz you do feel is likely to be a lot more pleasant and comforting than it may have been before.

It takes some time to figure out what strains work best for you and your personal situation. You will go through a lot of trial and error. By trial and error we mean trying different strains and delivery methods till you figure out what works best for you.

Cannabis Tinctures

If you are using cannabis tinctures it will work the same way. Just start off slowly with a few drops under the tongue. Start out with the micro-dosing tincture drops. It takes a little time for them to kick in so give it time between dosing before you decide to use a few more drops.