Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Florida Medical Marijuana Card, get FREE help, support, and education by Florida Medical Marijuana Advocate, Patient, and Patient Consultant - Diane Gracely. Owner of Puff For Life.

Diane's MISSION is to help her clients get their Florida medical marijuana card through a group of caring and compassionate doctors and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Florida medical marijuana card
Diane's Medical Marijuana Card

Diane helps Florida residents get their Florida medical marijuana card by referring you to a group of AFFORDABLE "Florida medical marijuana doctors". Diane refers everyone to Doc MJ. They have offices throughout the state of Florida.

Diane will help you to get started with a doctor to get your medical marijuana card and get your medical marijuana recommendation for medicine. (Cost $149 every 7 months OR $30 per month payment plan) After you have your patient ID number from Doc MJ you will need to get your medical marijuana card from the state DOH. (Cost $75)

Diane educates Floridians about medical marijuana, the laws, and helps, supports, and advises clients. Diane advocates for better laws for patients.

"Cannabis is medicine, it's not about getting high, it's about getting well." - Diane Gracely

Click Here "Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors" for more information and the costs to see a doctor and get your Florida medical marijuana card. Click the link above to get started with Doc MJ and get an appointment with a doctor closest to you.

There are so many doctors out there charging insane fees. Diane has many people who FIND her and ask to SWITCH to Doc MJ to SAVE MONEY because their current doctor is charging them TOO MUCH MONEY. Diane helps them switch to Doc MJ. It's a somple process and it will save you a lot of money.

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Diane educates Florida residents about medical marijuana and answers questions through her private Facebook Group. Join Diane's Support Group on Facebook here - Florida Medical Marijuana Help & Education.

You can CALL Diane with any questions you may have at (352) 470-7352

Diane Gracely in the MEDIA. Diane was interviewed for a 30 second radio commercial for Doc MJ. Diane was interviewed on WESH NEWS for a story about addiction to opiates which aired on 4/20/2017. Diane was interviewed for a cannabis magazine in south Florida. Her story was featured in the May/June 2017 issue of Indo Wellness Magazine.

'Diane is always seeking NEW useful products to sell here on her website to help her clients. 

Puff For Life is partnered and works with the "Crohn's Charity Service Foundation". A non-profit organization and publisher of the Indo Wellness Magazine, an educational cannabis magazine for the PATIENTS. 

Together Diane Gracely and Yvette Staford, (founder of the Crohn's Charity Service Foundation) are advocating for better medical marijuana laws in Florida, and they help Florida residents by educating them about affordable doctors, medical cannabis, and so much more.

Tell your family and friends about "Puff For Life" and our website - puffforlife.com

Help spread the word about "Puff For Life" and how we HELP the people of Florida become PATIENTS and get their medical marijuana card and we educate them about medical cannabis.

Diane was interviewed for a Florida Medical Marijuana Documentary in 2014. Watch video below.

Diane Gracely was interviewed by WESH News June 13, 2017 at the Grand Opening of the NEW TRULIEVE Dispensary in The Villages - Watch video CLICK HERE

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